About us

We manufacture products in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture in Japan. All our products are made by japanese artisan. We provides one of the finest hemp fabrics using ramie. You can order our products from overseas on this site. Please feel free to use our products, and enjoy the unique texture of hemp fabrics.

IONO Mizuta
11-4 Asahimachi,
Ojiya-shi, Niigata-ken 947-0005
Mail: mizuta@iono.jp

History of Ojiya Textiles

The handcraft and the traditional techniques of craftmanship that have been passed on for more than 1200 years. Our work still inherits and follows the full traditiotal method from dying up to the finishing process in the land of Niigata,Ojiya.

The Japanese traditional culture is a history of craftman culture. Originated around the area of Niigata Prefecture Ojiya, Ojiya Chilimi(Oliya shrinkage) provides one of the finest hemp fabrics using ramie(Lamy) by historically developing the skills of the Echigo upper fabric back from the mid-Edo period.


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