About Ojiya-Chijimi

What is Ojiya-Chijimi?

Ojiya Chijimi is one of the finest hand-made textiles in Japan, 100% make of ramie.Its refined artisan technique produces unique wrinkles called "Shi-bo", which gives cool and light texture and yet soft on skin.

Ojiya Chijimi has a long history and broadly known in Japan for its delicate finish. It has been passed on over times and space.We hope you enjoy high-quality handworks of never compromising pursuit for perfection of the people living in this snow country.

Features of Ojiya-Chijimi

Ojiya-chijimi, originally developed as kimono textile, is now more refined with a broader width of the woven fabric, easier to wash and durable.

The textile is hand-finished to give " Shi-bo (wrinkles) " on the surface with the traditional rubbing technique dating back to 400 years ago.

The product, made of high-quality hemp, gives cool, light and resilient texture so refreshing on the skin.