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Tapestry / Ramie / Taisho-Modern Fuji-Rindo / W37xH60cm

Tapestry / Ramie / Taisho-Modern Fuji-Rindo / W37xH60cm

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Brand: IONO (Made in Japan)
Code: FA-068-000
Material: Ramie
Design: Fuji-Rindo(Wisteria-gentian)
Color: Purple
Size: W37xH60cm (W14.5xH23.6 inches)

A tapestry inspired by the Taisho period in Japan. This tapestry is compact, handy and fits in any space.Japanese craftsmen dyed patterns on hand-woven ramie fabric.

* Comes with Rods and string.

* We ship products from Japan to overseas countries. International shipping fee will be charged according to the weight. Shipped packages usually arrives in a week.

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